Quick and quality services

Our priority is to satisfy our customers
and we want to do it perfectly and quickly

… the quality of the service and the attention to the customer make the difference!

Really quick solutions
without neglecting excellence
Investment protection
perfect balance of costs and benefits
Important portfolio of customers
always satisfied and loyal for years

A serious and reliable company offering
quality services quickly and with certainty

With its own facilities in Sardinia and a network of partners on the Tyrrhenian coast, MGC YACHT SERVICES and its staff, focus on the satisfaction of the client who visits or lives in Sardinia.

Using the latest technology, to offer the best technical and instrumental support to vessels, it stands alongside an indispensable craft that takes care of the individual particulars.

Speed in problem solving aims to safeguard the enjoyment of your boat at any time of the year.


Each owner can fully enjoy his jewel anytime anywhere.

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