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Nautical services

Overhaul of engines and electrical systems, wood working, metallic carpentry, on-board electronics, painting, naval mechanics, refitting and other services for the most demanding customers.

Qualified staff
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Boat storage

Accurate work to allow the boat to work properly. Strict compliance with regulations to guarantee the safety of boaters and operators and maximum respect for the environment

9000 sqm Indoors
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Travel with 430 tons and painting area up to 35m. Mobile mechanical and electrical workshop. Berth mooring 12 berths, with electricity and air / water columns. Active video surveillance h.24

12-berth boat dock
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Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
Scheduled interventions in dedicated environments and extraordinary management with maximum efficiency and speed.
Cutting-edge diagnostic tools
The most sophisticated and recent technologies available to your boat, in the hands of highly specialized technicians.
Speedy delivery
fast processing and quality at the best time: the two elements that make the difference for maximum customer satisfaction.

If you need a qualified staff to take care of your boat contact M.G.C. Yacht Services

The company offers the possibility to its customers to entrust the management of the yacht to 100% through our yacht management service, which takes care throughout the year of the boat, depending on the needs of the shipowner (transfers, charter, cleaning, refitting, sea trials, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, painting, teak and stainless treatments etc.)

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Regular boat maintenance:
relaxed and safe navigation.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Call us and arrange an appointment. A staff of highly specialized technicians will welcome you to analyze all your needs and propose the best solutions. Your satisfaction first of all. Quality and speed interventions of pure excellence.

Some of the many satisfied customers

Testimonial by David Weiner,
The best in the Costa Smeralda area. Recommended for efficiency and courtesy shown.
David Weiner,
Testimonial by Michael Smith,
The yard has resolved with competence and speed a problem that could compromise our holidays in Sardinia. A sure reference point, absolutely,
Michael Smith,
Testimonial by Jessica Spencer,
An unfortunate accident with the low seabed of Corsica has compromised the stability of our sailboat. Thanks to timely assistance at sea we were able to return and for a few days we could also witness the "rebirth" of the keel of the boat. Good job. Thank you.
Jessica Spencer,
Testimonial by Amanda Jones,
Our boat showed the signs of time. An intervention planned and carried out with care has allowed a complete refitting and a new painting of the hull. A great rebirth. New incentives to sail the seas.
Amanda Jones,
Vintage boat